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Apr 20
Bid ended

2746-20 Laurel Housing Authority - 2020 Roofing Program at Projects MS 002-001, 005E & 006

Laurel, MS (H-NR)


Bidding Closed

Bid Date4/20/21 2:00 pm

Company & Contacts

RJZ Architecture, PA

Robert Zander   662-226-7115

Question concerning Residential/Commercial License Requirements for the Laurel Housing Authority – 2020 Roofing Program At Project MS 002-001,005E & 006 which provides re-roofing activities to residential units occupied by more than 50 families (194)………

*MSBOC interprets the requirements as follows: “any contract that involves more than 50 residential units is considered commercial.” Based on MSBOC’s interpretation, LHA will require a commercial license for this project. *

For questions, Please contact MSBOC at 1-601-354-6795.

The Housing Authority of the City of Laurel, Mississippi of Laurel, Mississippi will receive bids for 2020 Roofing Program At Projects MS 002-001, 005E and 006 at the Laurel Housing Authority Management Office, 701 Leontyne Price Boulevard., Laurel, Mississippi. Bid will be received until 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, April 20, 2021, at which time and place all bids will be publicly opened and read aloud.

Specifications and Drawings can be viewed in the office of RJZ Architecture, PA; 91 Sunset Drive, Suite C, Grenada, Mississippi 38901. Bid documents are being made available via original paper copy. Plan holders are required to register for an account at www.jones-zanderplanroom.com to view and order Bid Documents. All plan holders are required to have a valid email address for registration. Bid documents are nonĀ­ refundable and must be purchased through the website. Questions regarding website registration and online orders please contact Plan House Printing at (662) 407-0193. The non-refundable deposit is$ 100.00.

All bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope and the words “2020 Roofing Program At Projects MS 002-001, 00SE and 006 for the Housing Authority Of The City Of Laurel, MS” and “Bid Documents” clearly written on the outside of the bid envelope. Contact person for further details is RJZ Architecture, PA. (662-226-7115). See also Section 002000-2, Paragraph I.

Each bid must be submitted in duplicate on forms furnished by the Architect and must be accompanied by a certified check or bid bond in an amount not less than 5% of the Base Bid; the successful bidder will be required to furnish and pay for a satisfactory Performance Bond and a Payment Bond in the amount of 100% of the Contract.

The work will be bid in one lump Prime Contract:

All bid envelopes shall contain, on the exterior side, the Contractor’s Certificate of Responsibility number. NO EXCEPTIONS

All bids shall be written on the fom1 provided and shall be sealed in an envelope. All other methods of bidding, except telegraphic modifications, will be considered non-responsive. No modifications on exterior of envelope without proper signature.

Attention is called to the provisions for equal employment opportunity, and payment of not less than the minimU111 salaries and wages as set forth in the Specifications must be paid on this project.

No bidder may withdraw his bid within 45 days after the date set for the opening thereof, and each bidder must comply with the laws of the State of Mississippi and the City of Laurel and County of Jones, MS, relative to the performance of said work.

The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids, and to waive any and all formalities and informalities.

Dates to be Published: March 16, 2021
March 23. 2021

The Housing Authority of the City of Laurel, Mississippi

By: Ailrick Young, Executive Director